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Turn your Social Security Disability Insurance ticket into a stepping stone towards sustainable and fulfilling employment. At Newton Services Foundation, we stand by you on every step of this journey.
Ticket To Work
The Ticket to Work program, a lifeline by Social Security, opens employment avenues for SSDI beneficiaries without jeopardizing their health benefits. Choosing us, an SSA-approved Employment Network, means you're opting for end-to-end, expert support for a successful and stress-free transition to work.
Benefits with Newton Services Foundation
Why Partner with Us on Your Journey to Work?
Earn Any Money
Unleash your earning potential while we ensure the safety of your full SSDI benefits.
Stress Less
Say goodbye to the worries of disability reviews and potential benefit terminations. We handle it all for you.
Keep Medicare
Stay assured of Medicare coverage for up to seven years, even while you're employed.
Avoid Risk
No risks involved - on ceasing employment within nine years, we ensure your SSDI benefits automatically restart.
Pay Nothing
Join us without worries about cost. Our services, as part of an approved Employment Network, come to you absolutely free.
Success Stories -
See How We Make a Difference
Real stories of real people. Find inspiration from those who've triumphantly treaded the path you're setting foot on!
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Offering job coaching and support
Whether you need help building your resume,finding job opportunities online or any other job-related assistance, we are here for you.
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Ensuring the safety of your SSDI benefits while you work
Rest assured, we will be by your side, protecting your SSDI benefits through the Ticket to Work Program for up to 7 years.
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Handling communication with the SSA on your behalf
We will regularly touch base with you and submit your wage reports to the SSA so you can focus on your job.
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Taking care of all Ticket to Work paperwork
From filling out your personalized work plan to setting goals and outlining your work history, we'll handle the paperwork while you simply sign on the dotted line.


Yes, you can start working again without losing your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). If you have more questions about this, there's more information ahead for you. Or, if you like talking more than reading, feel free to call and speak with one of our friendly experts.

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Your generous donation will enable us to continue investing in these transformative resources, thus ensuring individuals can pursue jobs in their preferred fields. Additionally, we believe in giving back to our community. As such, we devote 10% of each donation to various community initiatives. We appreciate your support as we endeavor to create more educational and job opportunities.
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