Protect Your SSDI Benefits
with Ticket to Work

Worried about losing your benefits while you transition back to work? With Ticket to Work, you can journey towards financial independence worry-free!
How it Works
Understanding Ticket to Work isn't necessarily a cakewalk, but you're not in this alone.
At Newton Services Foundation, we're here to guide you every step of the way - and our services won't cost you a penny.
Are you an SSDI beneficiary? Great! You're automatically eligible for Ticket to Work.
Think of it as a financial safety-net protecting your SSDI benefits as you venture back into the world of work.
Ticket to Work is here for you! It's ready whenever you feel you are.
As long as you're in the United States, you're covered by Ticket to Work.
There's no downside. It's free and can support you for up to nine years
Choose us, an Employment Network approved by SSA, to shepherd you on the path to employment.
Your SSDI Benefits –
Continue to Work without Worry
Your SSDI benefits are safeguarded while you transition back to work. Continue to earn money without the stress of losing your SSDI aid - that's the power of Ticket to Work!
Ready to Transition to Work?
Let's join hands to jumpstart your journey to employment.
Get in touch with our expert team at Newton Services Foundation today. With us, your SSDI benefits are always protected!
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