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Our Leadership Team

Our senior executives lead the challenge of creating specialized services and technology to help those with disabilities navigate complex government programs. Together, we work to ensure that more people with disabilities may lead lives that are as financially secure and as healthy as possible.
Ronald Newton
Bill Rose
Program Director
Laura Sabo
Vice President
Gary Mitchell
Job Developer
Tara Stephenson
Case Manager

Ronald Newton

Ron Newton, an enterprising entrepreneur whose journey illustrates the transformative power of steadfast dedication and unyielding determination. With a keen focus on hard work and resilience, he has steered his startup ventures to unprecedented success, surpassing millions in annual revenues.

As the President and CEO of Newton Services since 2008, Ron leads a conglomerate of diverse subsidiaries under the Newton Services Foundation. Transforming his startup into a beacon of opportunity, the foundation is trusted by clients to identify individuals striving for success in the workforce. Ron's vision is to offer a seamless suite of services, encompassing onboarding, payroll, recruitment, and HR, fostering a path towards professional growth.

Driven by a philosophy of empowering individuals to forge their own paths, Ron's foundation champions self-reliance over handouts, extending support to those striving for self-improvement. Inspired by his upbringing, where his mother's tireless work ethic left an indelible mark, Ron is committed to not only bettering himself but also uplifting others in their pursuit of success. Collaborating with government agencies and rehabilitation programs, the foundation facilitates job placements, skills training, and career development for thousands annually.

Today, Ron's company stands at the forefront of corporate social responsibility, channeling profits back into the community to aid the less fortunate in Michigan. Through charitable initiatives, including food drives, holiday assistance, and scholarship programs, the foundation embodies the spirit of paying it forward. Recognized for his advocacy and leadership, Ron remains an active member of the Disability Works committee and has been honored as Advocate of the Year. His commitment to community service extends to his role as a Certified Speaker for Winning Minds, where he imparts valuable training to individuals seeking personal and professional growth.
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